What is the best weapon for killing a Zombie?

Small spiked hand axe

Small spiked hand axe
Otto’s personal favourite

This is as much a matter of person preference as it is selecting the most devastating Zombie weapon.

Over at Zombie Research this article gives some very practical advice in anti-Zombie weaponary selection:

  • Firearms eventually run out of bullets, resulting in a tense battlefield moment.
  • Other Ranged Weapons (eg spear, throwing ax, battle Frisbee, boomerang – boomerang?!) have capacity issues i.e. how many can you take into battle?
  • Edged weapons (eg Swords, machetes, claws and spikes) will eventually loose their edge and need a quick sharpen but the Zombies probably wont give you 5 minutes to do this.
  • Blunt weapons are dangerous from most angles and need little or no upkeep.  Best of all they’re more easily obtained than other specialized weapons.Zombie Reserach did of course assume that the defender is fit and string enough to swing the blunt weapon effectively…

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